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Justar’s Dream

Here is another report from our social worker in Kenya, focusing on just one person, Justar.

Justar’s dream (with pictures! :) )

Text below:

Head of Household:   Justar, 21

Siblings:   Antony, 16; Evelyne, 18

With the death of both her parents, Justar became the caregiver and provider for her younger siblings.  The parents had left few resources behind to support the children, so Justar did what she could working jobs for low pay, trying to grow some food to eat and seeking community assistance when necessary.  But this survival mode of existence provided no money to cover the costs of medical care when her sisters became sick with malaria and a stomach parasite.  The lack of money also meant the younger children were unable to attend school sometimes because they could not pay the fees or purchase school uniforms.

When ZOE invited Justar to join the Samaritan Liliaba Working Group, she and her family were finally provided with an opportunity to escape their barely subsistent life of poverty.  And it started with a dream.

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Samaritan Liliaba Working Group FIRST report

So, while we’re in the Philadelphia airport, I can add some stuff to the blog (maybe).

This is the very first report we got from our Working Group, which chose the name “Samaritan Liliaba” for itself.

Samaritan Liliaba first group report (has a couple of pictures)

Samaritan Liliaba Working Group, Kenya

Partnered with University UMC, 2014-2016

Focus On: Working Group Formation

Poverty often means a life lived in isolation, unconnected even from those who share the same struggles and challenges.  A ZOE working group provides orphans and vulnerable children a community where they experience understanding, compassion and acceptance. Together, they begin their journey towards a better life.

To form a working group, ZOE social workers first contact community leaders and local officials to educate them about the empowerment approach and to ask for their help in identifying children.   During the first meeting, the children and their young caregivers learn how they will change and improve their lives within three years.  Then ZOE takes a step back.

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