Arrived in Nairobi

July 2 (midnight, local time)

Well, we arrived in Nairobi, at what seems to be a nice hotel that is not a Holiday Inn (and definitely doesn’t have that corporate American hotel feel).

We’ve been traveling for 26 hours, including a 6-hour flight from Philadelphia to London, and an 8-hour flight from London to Nairobi.

Reegan (pronounced as if it were spelled “Reagan”), the director of the program here in Kenya, met us at the airport, along with two of his staff, Caroline and Perpetual.  (Perpetual is his communications director.)

The weather here is in the 60s (and not particularly high 60s, either), a very welcome change from the heat of North Carolina.

Reegan told us of the honor that ZOE received just today, but I may have to type it up later.

2 thoughts on “Arrived in Nairobi

  1. So thankful you all have arrived safely. Thank you for keeping us up to date! Amazing blog! May God bless every minute of your trip!


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