Tomorrow: Safari! (And possibly no wi-fi at all)

Today was the last day of our outreach to the working groups.  Tomorrow is an “us” day.  We’re going on a safari.  There’s no telling what the wi-fi situation will be, but I can’t imagine it being much better than here at the hotel (and that wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped).

I have just uploaded another longish half-baked blog post which I will have to expand on later.  Between the availability of wi-fi, jet lag and just plain being busy here, I have not been able to blog as much as I’d hoped, BUT there will be more posts, either as I travel or when we get home.

(Oh, this is fun: as I type this, sitting in the courtyard of the guest house, under an umbrella, it’s starting to rain a little bit, in spite of the fact that this a dry season.  Hopefully it won’t drive me indoors.)