What Will You Eat? Part II

Morning meal:

* Sweet potato chunks, peeled and boiled or baked. I don’t really know whether they were boiled or baked.  These are not the orange ones we know, but a yellow sweet potato that has the same taste).

* Arrowroot chunks, boiled.  This is a very dry and starchy root and has kind a of mottled look that most thought looked like sausage.

* A cut of pork that’s a cross between ham and bacon, called “bacon”.

* Fried eggs.

* Hardboiled eggs.

* Cereal, in the form of pressed cereal cakes that fall apart in contact with milk and soak it up.

* Sausage links

* Coffee or tea (but not the Kenyan tea which I had the pleasure of drinking once (in the airport in Nairobi, of all places), and tastes like the chai you get in Chapel Hill coffee shops).

* Fresh fruit, including bananas and papayas.  There were always bananas, at every meal.  Good thing I like bananas. And these were very flavorful.


The working groups usually provided soda, bananas and white bread.

Evening meal:

* Frequently, squash soup.

* Usually some kind of savory meat in sauce, chicken or beef.  Once, goat. 

* Always fish. 

* Steamed vegetables. 

* Mashed potatoes and/or rice. 

* Hard biscuits.

* Coffee or tea.

Once, we had “green grams” (or “green grahams”, I don’t know how to spell it) that the third year group had given us as a gift.  They are a tiny, bright green bean, and are the most expensive bean the orphans can produce. They were utterly delicious, kind of like green lentils or black-eyed peas.

We definitely did not go hungry.