What About The Weather?

So, it was deathly blazing hot in Chapel Hill when we left.  Africa’s even worse, right?

Nope.  Cool and dry.  Our smoking-hot-solstice-sun-at-23.5-degrees-latitude season is actually Kenya’s winter (we were pretty much on the equator), such as it is.  Plus, we were on the side of Mt. Kenya, which is one of the largest (in diameter) mountains in the world, and whose peak is above 17,000 feet..  One night, the temperature went down to 59 degrees.  We all had fleeces and sweaters and we used them.  Even during the day (when it did get hotter), there was always a breeze blowing and when we were in the shade, it was the perfect temperature (and who can object to the sound of wind in trees?).  Our elevation in Maua was right about 5,000 feet.

Eat your hearts out, Chapel Hill. :)