[Bill] Gates Notes on life at $2/day


This stuff will tear your heart out (it’s well-produced), but I feel like it’s an accurate reflection of what our ZOE kids face. Zoe is not the only organization doing this, but it’s a good one. Note how often they mention community banks and micro-loans.

(As a quick reminder, $2/day is the definition of “extreme poverty”.)

[Update, 7 Oct 2019: Actually, it turns out that Zoe is about the only group doing this. Other groups do elements of the Zoe model, but not the entire model, and the entire model is actually important.

So, there are goups doing community banking/micro-loans, and groups helping kids go back to school, and groups helping kids build housing, and so forth, but not the holistic basic-hygiene-small-business-legal-rights-spiritual-community thing that Zoe feels leads to sustainability.]